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Provider Roster Updates

Provider Roster Updates Posted: February 28, 2014

Provider Roster Updates
Just a reminder, when adding or terming providers, we ask that you provide these updates to ProviDRs Care Network. Click here to access and complete the appropriate forms and send to This includes new and termed providers, billing and mailing address changes along with any updated information that may be relevant to ProviDRs Care.

Hospital Contracted Physician Groups
ProviDRs Care has observed a trend that continues to be of concern in managing our current network of providers. Hospitals are increasing the number of contracted physician groups prior to notifying ProviDRs Care of these groups. This has hindered our ability to effectively communicate these changes to employer groups utilizing our network. Employer groups remain unaware of contracted physician groups providing services within contracted facilities. Consequently, patients may be responsible for paying the remainder of charges incurred during the visit.

To assist in alleviating the risk of patients being billed for these services, we encourage hospitals to communicate these changes to ProviDRs Care prior to the effective date of the contracted physician group providing services.

Online Provider Applications
ProviDRs Care applications are now available online by clicking here. Our online applications now provide you the opportunity to complete the entire application online, to include your signature. Providers may now also submit address changes online.

Medical Provider Resources and ProviDRs Care Partnership
ProviDRs Care is excited to announce a new partnership with our sister company, Medical Provider Resources. Medical Provider Resources, a credentialing verification organization, is now performing all credentialing for providers participating in the ProviDRs Care Network. Providers should already be receiving credentialing requests from Medical Provider Resources on behalf of ProviDRs Care. If you have any questions throughout the credentialing process, please forward those to