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Who We Are

ProviDRs Care is Kansas’ only physician owned and managed PPO (preferred provider organization) network in the state. Formerly known as WPPA and operational since 1985, ProviDRs Care works in partnership with insurance agents, brokers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, employers, healthcare providers and facilities to deliver cost-effective health services for Kansans.

ProviDRs Care assures choice of health care plans for Kansans by leasing its network to self-funded plans and insurance carriers. ProviDRs Care serves as the statewide PPO network for three  insurance carriers and 28 third party administrators.

As a physician led organization, ProviDRs Care PPO network is built to deliver convenient access to complete healthcare services from physicians,hospitals and other medical providers that are highly respected in their communities. The network includes more than 14,000 practitioners, 173 hospitals and 81 ambulatory surgery centers throughout Kansas as well as parts of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri. By contracting with ProviDRs Care, these providers agree to perform healthcare services at a reduced fee.

Consumers with coverage accessing our network will have lower
out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services when they use a network provider.

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