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ProviDRs Care is a PPO network only and does not pay claims. A payer will be either an insurance company or a third party administrator and is responsible for the adjudication and payment of claims. The name of the payer can be found on a members ID card.




Other Partners:

  • Family Health America’s EmpowerChiro Network | Visit Site

ProviDRs Care Chiropractic panel is provided by Family Health America’s EmpowerChiro network (FHA).  FHA can be reached at 316-687-3444, 800-819-9571, or at

NexCentra Health Network offers to ProviDRs Care contracting practices costs savings through group purchasing programs. Membership in their program also provides access to the practice resources and support necessary to improve operational performance, all at discounted rates from their hand selected Preferred Vendors and resource partners.

ProviDRs Care has partnered with Vision Care Plus to include their eye care network in the list of contracting providers for members who access the ProviDRs Care network through their insurance company or self-funded plan.



  • Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) | Visit Site

Through their membership of this dynamic association, ProviDRs care joins their colleagues and others in the industry to defend and promote self-insurance. Self-Insurance (also referred to as self-funding) is an alternative risk transfer strategy used by tens of thousands of employers across the country to finance their group health care. Self-Insurance has become an increasingly attractive option for many employers due to the rising costs associated with health care.

  • Wichita Business Coalition on Health Care (WBCHC) | Visit Site

The Wichita Business Coalition on Health Care is a multi-stakeholder membership organization made up of employers, providers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders who work together to address health care costs, quality, and access in our community. ProviDRs Care is a charter member of this organization which was founded in 2009.

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