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Board of Directors

Executive Committee/Officers

Terry L. Poling, MD | President
Joe D. Davison, MD | First Vice President
Estephan N. Zayat, MD | Second Vice President
Justin Leitzen | Executive Director, Secretary
Deanne Newland | Treasurer


Board of Directors

Charles Craig, MD
Dawne A. Lowden, MD
Estephan N. Zayat, MD
Jed E. Delmore, MD
Joe D. Davison, MD
Joel Weigand, MD
John H. Lohnes, MD
Joseph C. Beck, MD
Regan M. Dehart, MD
Steve Hutchinson, MD
Terry L. Poling, MD
Verlin Janzen, MD
William Park, MD
Phillip Brownlee, Ex Officio