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Why ProviDRs Care

ProviDRs Care is committed to being a trusted partner. Our suite of services provide solutions for employers, third party administrators, and providers. With more than 37 years of being in business, we continue to look for innovative solutions that create value for our clients. .

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Provider Networks

We offer a variety of provider networks that include value based solutions for both providers and employers throughout the Midwest. Our value based networks offer approximately 40% savings over our traditional PPO networks.

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Cost Containment Solutions

We offer a variety of cost containment solutions for payers and employers looking for ways to control costs. Our experience in developing and managing provider networks gives us insight into the major cost drivers of health plans and allows us to develop and implement effective cost containment solutions.

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Value Based Administration

Employers and providers continue to find ways to incorporate value-based programs into their arsenal. ProviDRs Care is positioned to provide employers, providers, and payers a platform that ties provider reimbursement to outcomes.

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We recognize that each client is unique and values flexibility to meet their needs. We strive to meet those unique needs with each of our clients.

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Consulting Services

ProviDRs Care provides consulting services for a variety of needs related to managed care. Engage our team as needed with an option that meets your needs.

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