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ProviDRs Care is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network servicing the State of Kansas and Surrounding areas and have been operational since 1985.  As a physician led organization, we offer an extensive network of medical professionals, facilities and services in Kansas and the surrounding areas.

When you go to a ProviDRs Care Network (PCN) Provider, the provider will submit a claim to ProviDRs Care, according to the instructions on your member ID card.  We apply our contracted rates with the provider and forward the claim to your insurance plan administrator.  Your plan administrator will apply your level of benefits and submit a payment to the Provider according to your benefit plan design.

Our network has available 14,000 Practitioners, 170 Hospitals and over 600 outpatient facilities to access.  Our staff is accessible via phone or email to answer your questions regarding provider participation.  We can assist our members in locating specific providers for specialized care.  And if your provider is not in our network, you can nominate them to join.

Please note: The participation of any doctor, hospital or other health care provider is not guaranteed. This is true, even when you are referred by your doctor or primary care physician.

Some network providers, like, dental providers are not available within this provider search tool. Please refer to your employer or your ID card for the network associated with dental.

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Members FAQ

Q. If I locate a provider on this Web site, does that mean that my visit to the provider will be paid by my health care benefit plan?+

A. This site is only a provider locator service; you may not have coverage for services provided by all types of providers listed. Review your benefit booklet for the benefits covered under your health care benefit plan, we do not have information about benefits or payment levels available. If you have additional questions about your coverage, please call the customer service number on your member ID card.

Q. How would using a ProviDRs Care Network Provider save me money?+

A. Our providers and facilities deliver the maximum benefits of your insurance plan and are continually reviewed to maintain the highest quality care. ProviDRs Care Network conducts its own Utilization Review for many plans, using health care professionals to determine the appropriateness of proposed medical care. This review service leads to cost-effective and quality health care services.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about my benefits?+

A. ProviDRs Care does not have access to health plan information or benefits eligibility. For coverage questions, please contact your employer or refer to the Insurance Company’s phone number on your insurance card for questions.

Q. Can I nominate a provider for the ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. Yes, as a member you may  nominate a provider by clicking here.   We will then contact the provider and offer a contract to participate in the network.

Q. How does my Provider know that ProviDRs Care is my network?+

A. The ProviDRs Care logo is located on your id card and identifies you as a ProviDRs Care member. The logo is prominently displayed on all ID cards to enable a provider to easily recognize ProviDRs Care Network.

Q. What is (WPPA) ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. WPPA ProviDRS Care Network is a Physician Owned Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). We are a comprehensive statewide network dedicated to delivering high-quality cost effective medical care to covered members.

Q. How do I find a ProviDRs Care network provider?+

A. Currently, the most convenient way to find a doctor or other health care service providers participating in ProviDRs Care Network is by searching our online provider directory. The electronic provider directory, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, includes the most detailed provider information and is constantly updated. You can also call us for assistance in locating a provider at 1-800-801-9772.

Q. Where do member ID cards come from?+

A. The member ID card is formatted and issued by the insurance company or payor.

Q. What geographical area does ProviDRs Care network cover?+

A. Our providers are located in 104 Kansas Counties, 23 Missouri Counties 8 Oklahoma Counties and 8 Nebraska Counties.

Q. If a Practice is listed in the directory on the website are all the providers that practice there in-network?+

A. Not necessarily, we contract per provider. Please always check to see if the provider you are seeing is in network by searching on line, or call us at 1-800-801-9772.

Q. How do I know if a physician or facility is in the ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. This information is available on our website. Click here to access our online provider directories. You may also verify participation by calling Provider Relations at (316) 683-4111 or (800) 801-9772.

Q. If ProviDRs Care Network can’t verify patient eligibility, then where do I call to verify benefits?+

A. The Insurance company or payor assists with questions regarding insurance benefits, patient eligibility, or claim payment status. You can find the phone number for the payor on the patient identification card.

Q. Where do I go for an emergency if I’m going on vacation in another state?+

A. Contact your insurance company. They may have another PPO network in place in other states.

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