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Our History

In the year 1985, the landscape of healthcare in Wichita was on the cusp of a significant transformation. The Medical Review Foundation (MRF), under the ownership of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County, was actively engaged in conducting in-hospital and utilization reviews for several prominent companies in the region. It was during this period that Beech Aircraft presented MRF with a unique proposition: to develop a new health plan that included discounts and was centered around a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) based at Wesley Hospital. This request came at a time when another entity, Preferred Health Care (later renamed Preferred Health Systems), was making strides with its own PPO, anchored by St. Francis Hospital.

Responding to Beech Aircraft’s innovative request, the Medical Review Foundation established the Wichita Preferred Provider Association (WPPA), signifying the advent of the PPO managed care movement in Wichita. Initially, WPPA’s strategy was to recruit providers and facilities exclusively within the Wichita area. However, the ensuing years saw a remarkable expansion. By the year 1994, WPPA had successfully forged contracts with an impressive network of 1,600 physicians and 64 hospitals throughout Kansas, thereby extending its services to a population of 40,000 people across the state. This expansion necessitated a rebranding to WPPA, Inc., to more accurately reflect its extended reach and influence.

The year 2007 marked another pivotal moment in the organization’s history. In recognition of the physician ownership and its unwavering commitment to delivering quality patient care, coupled with the continued expansion of its network beyond the Wichita market, the organization underwent a name change to ProviDRs Care. This new identity was a testament to its evolving mission and growing impact in the healthcare sector.

As of today, ProviDRs Care has not only sustained its growth trajectory but has also diversified its service offerings. The organization now provides a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions tailored to meet the needs of providers, employers, networks, and payers. This evolution underscores ProviDRs Care’s enduring commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery and access across various sectors.

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