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ProviDRs Care Network works with 52 insurance carriers and 3rd party administrators (TPAs); each of these companies utilize our network as their Preferred Provider Organization in Kansas.  Of our current insurance carriers, the following have given ProviDRs Care Network permission to list their name on this site.

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Providers FAQ

Q. What are the benefits of using ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. Our providers and facilities deliver the maximum benefits of your insurance plan and are continually reviewed to maintain the highest quality care. ProviDRs Care Network conducts its own Utilization Review for many plans, using health care professionals to determine the appropriateness of proposed medical care. This review service leads to cost-effective and quality health care services.

Q. How do I know if a physician or facility is in the ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. This information is available on our website. Click here to access our online provider directories. You may also verify participation by calling Provider Relations at (316) 683-4111 or (800) 801-9772.

Q. What is (WPPA) ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. WPPA ProviDRS Care Network is a Physician Owned Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). We are a comprehensive statewide network dedicated to delivering high-quality cost effective medical care to covered members.

Q. How do I find a ProviDRs Care network provider?+

A. Currently, the most convenient way to find a doctor or other health care service providers participating in ProviDRs Care Network is by searching our online provider directory. The electronic provider directory, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, includes the most detailed provider information and is constantly updated. You can also call us for assistance in locating a provider at 1-800-801-9772.

Q. What geographical area does ProviDRs Care network cover?+

A. Our providers are located in 104 Kansas Counties, 23 Missouri Counties 8 Oklahoma Counties and 8 Nebraska Counties.

Q. If a Practice is listed in the directory on the website are all the providers that practice there in-network?+

A. Not necessarily, we contract per provider. Please always check to see if the provider you are seeing is in network by searching on line, or call us at 1-800-801-9772.

Q. Can I nominate a provider for the ProviDRs Care Network?+

A. Yes, as a member you may  nominate a provider by clicking here.   We will then contact the provider and offer a contract to participate in the network.

Q. What do you need for a Request for Proposal?+

A. We require a minimum of 10 days’ lead time, and complete the RFP’s in the order we receive them.

RFP’s requests may include:
Disruption Analysis– We require provider names, addresses, Tax ID number, and a listing of the group’s current providers.
Geo Access – Please include a spreadsheet census listing the zip codes for which the access information is requested and the total number of employees.
Savings Analysis – Includes savings percentages for inpatient, outpatient and physician services in a selected service area. If savings analysis requires extensive ad hoc programming, it could take longer to produce.

Or contact our Marketing and Sales department at 1-800-801-9772

Q. What is the Repricing claims turn-around time?+

A. Average turn-around-time is less than 1 day.

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