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ProviDRs Care acquires Topeka-based provider network

ProviDRs Care has entered into an agreement with Century Health Solutions, Inc. (Century), Topeka, to acquire its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), including its client service contracts and a majority of its participating provider agreements. The network acquisition closed on Monday, June 15, 2015.

“We are extremely excited about this expansion of providers and delivering greater access and choice to our members, particularly because it coincides with the celebration of our 30th anniversary. This acquisition strengthens our network in northeast Kansas, adding more than 2,000 providers, 10 hospitals and 83 other medical facilities. It enables us to provide border-to-border access to care for our clients,” said Karen Cox, CEO, ProviDRs Care.

Century is an affiliate of Stormont-Vail HealthCare and has owned a medical provider network in northeast Kansas since 1993. It also has operated an independent insurance agency since 1998 that services employee benefit programs and individuals under and over age 65.

“Century feels the transaction is in the best interest of our clients and our network providers over the long term. The combined business volume for ProviDRs Care will allow it to provide a competitive PPO network in our medical service area,” said Gina Ochsner, President and CEO, Century Health Solutions, Inc. “The sale of our provider network will allow Century to focus on the strength of its insurance agency and consulting services for employer groups and individuals.”

ProviDRs Care is a statewide PPO network owned by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and founded in June 1985. Currently, its network includes 11,000 providers and 140 hospitals and is leased by insurance companies and third party administrators. The acquisition of the Century PPO network will primarily improve provider access in the greater Topeka area and northeast Kansas. Minimal disruption is expected with network takeover.

For more information, contact Karen Cox at 316-683-0665.

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