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News Release…Physician-owned PPO announces name change

News Release…Physician-owned PPO announces name change Posted: June 1, 2009

WPPA, Inc., the only physician-owned preferred provider organization (PPO) is a network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers contracted through an insurance plan to extend services to covered employees at a negotiated rate.

We’ve been answering the question ‘what is WPPA?’ for so long that we decided it was time to find an answer for our organization that didn’t raise so many questions,” said Terry Poling, MD, Chairman of the WPPA, Inc. Board of Directors. “We think ProviDRs Care Network is simple and direct. It says who we are and what we do.”

When it was originally founded in 1985 by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County (MSSC), WPPA, Inc. was known as Wichita Preferred Providers Association. As the company’s network of providers expanded statewide, the emphasis on Wichita was dropped from its name and it became known by its initials. WPPA, Inc. will continue as the legal entity for ProviDRs Care Network under the auspices of MSSC’s Medical Review Foundation.