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Super-Powered Solutions for Kansas Employers

ProviDRs Care now offers a broad Midwest PPO network solution

ProviDRs Care employer health care plans can now go beyond the borders of Kansas and offer in-network coverage into Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota. By combining superpowers with HealthLink Open Access III, PHP’s Freedom Network Select, and Midlands Choice, we now offer a seamless network. Combining individual networks into one powerhouse has significant advantages:

• Offers the competitive advantages of all four networks for clients in the form of convenient, affordable and quality healthcare network access
• Helps us service clients’ managed care needs effectively and efficiently
• And collaborate more closely with our healthcare superheroes: providers.

Call ProviDRs Care today for broader Midwest PPO network access. It’s an option ̶ not an automatic addition ̶ so you must call to add it to your plan.
Contact: Karen Cox at ProviDRs Care, Chief Executive Officer
KarenCox@ProviDRsCare.Net or 316-683-0665

Watch our It’s Good To Have Options video:

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